Allure Bengals is a small family run cattery that breeds on a controlled scale. Our foundation Kings and Queens are of exceptional quality. They all exceed the breed standard. All of our foundation cats were acquired from very well respected catteries across the country. Our Queens and Kings produce many varieties of colors and patterns from silver to brown, snow, charcoal, and even melanistic Bengal kittens. We take pride in every one of our cats and kittens. They are raised in a loving home environment and also have access to secure outdoor enclosures and play areas. Our goal as a breeder is to improve the Bengal breed while providing very exotic kittens of superior health and excellent temperament. We strive to raise the quality of kittens we produce with every litter at Allure Bengals. All of our cats and kittens are TICA registered. Every kitten we place is backed by our 100% genetic health guarantee throughout their entire lifetime. 

The internet has become a negative in many ways.We have had a website and facebook page for many years in order to share our cats and kittens with you.During a time where there are many people trying to scam potential families out of money OR by putting out false negative information about catteries (this happens a lot), it is important to us to make you feel secure and at ease. We will do anything in our power to make you secure and very pleased with your kitten. As a well known cattery that has been around for many years we too have gotten our share of people trying to scam us. Buying a kitten should be a happy endeavor not one filled with problems. We guarantee our kittens health and that you will have a great experience with us.

Allure Bengals is located in Martinsville, Virginia. We are about 30 miles above the North Carolina border. Our cattery is less than a two hour drive from Raleigh. If you are unable to travel to our location, we are usually able to provide air-transportation via Petsafe, Delta, and United. Please send any questions and kitten inquires to