Hampton Lavender Dreams of Allure
Allure's Lunar Eclipse
Lavender is a seal mink snow. Her mother is Luna's littermate. She is very sweet and super affectionate. Lavender is very playfull and especially loves to play with water. She is now retired.
Allure's Cleopatra
Luna is out of our first litter with Lily and King. She has superior structure. Luna is very large for a female bengal. Luna's gold eyes are striking and her silver marble pattern is very unique. She really has an exotic look. Luna has a great personality and loves attention. 
Cazzpur Jazzmine of Allure
Leopards Realm Leilani
Jazzmine is a new addition to the cattery. She is very playful and loves attention. She has the most amazing pelted coat. She has great contrast and her well defined rossetes are remarkable. Jazzmine is a wondeful cat and we are very excited to have her as part of our breeding program. 
Leilani is a recent addition to the cattery. She is a new and upcoming queen. Leilani is a very sweet cat and loves affection. Leilani is very vocal and outgoing.  We are very pleased to have her in our home and cattery.
This is Olivia. She is out of Simba and Maximus. Olivia is Valentino's littermate. She is a very beautiful golden color with some charcoal coloring in her coat. Olivia has very brilliant gold eyes. Her gold eyes help to create her very wild look. She is very vocal and has an excellent temperament. We are very impressed with the kittens from her first litter. Their markings are truly cutting edge for the Bengal breed. We are very excited to have Olivia as part of our cattery and can't wait to see the kittens she produces! 
Allure's Olive Branch "Olivia"
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Pictured below are three of the newest additions to Allure Bengals. Minnie is on the left side of the page and she is out of Luna and Slick. Ginger is in the center. Ginger has very beautiful coloring and excellent rosetting. Ginger has the most amazing eyes. They have a green and gold marbling that is very unique. She is truly stunning. We are very impressed with her first litter. Pictured n the right side of the page is Lola. She is out of Lavender and Slick and is Sampson's littermate. Lola is very sweet and definitely takes after Lavender. She is very sweet and an excellent mother. We are very pleased to have Lola and Minnie and look forward to having new snow and silver kittens!